Jan 29, 2012

green along the road

cap bon 5.1.2012
all pics shot out of the driving car :-/

Jan 27, 2012

blue doors

Kelibia market

street old souk, Kelibia

working on the roof

who needs a ladder!? or working shoes...


detail of our satellite "plate" on the roof :-/

fortunately some older bricklayer still know how do this!

Jan 18, 2012

dancing in the street...

everybody's there. all kind of cars, motorcycles, taxis, buses, donkeys, pedestrians all over. ♥

Jan 17, 2012

streets at night

somewhere in the center at 22:30.

in the crossing next to the market hall at 22:30.

Jan 14, 2012

a corner in old town kelibia

this is a corner in the old town i love. right next to our carpenter last time in summer 2010 i was sitting her too, enjoying the people passing by. and then my pc had a crash. all pics gone. :-/
please enjoy with my the new winter pictures.

new machines.

older machines.

all together.

all alone.

all in black.

all in white. almost.

old people standing and talking.

young people running and singing.

coiffeur & café

monsieur paid a visit to his very best friend.

madame was waiting & chilling.

she didn't mind. no, not at all!

there is a traditional coffee shop right next to the coiffeurs. and so much to see. ♥

this little boy was THE cutiest. enjoying his milk coffee (just for the color) with his grandfather.


this is the green i always wanted to see in the winter time.
we were sitting in that car...

i enjoyed every minute of those 120 km! just to get here:

Jan 10, 2012

Oranges all over ♥

last two pictures: Menzel Boufelza 25.12.2011
where we bought 118 kg oranges, mandarines nad clementines for 90 TDN = about 50€.
all the other pictures are shoot out of the driving car ;-)

Jan 9, 2012

orange time

25.12.2012 Menzel Bouzalfa
118 kg = 50 €